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    FlashMAX II PCIe

    4800GB, 2200GB, 1100GB & 550GB
    Enterprise MLC HH-HL Solid-State Drives

    • Performance – Consistent performance across a wide variety of workloads
    • Highest Capacity – Up to 4.8TB in a low-profile form factor
    • Low Latency – DRAM-like performance for write latencies

    HGST incorporates specialized software and hardware that combine to implement Storage Class Memory (SCM) within the server. The HGST architecture has been designed to tightly integrate different kinds of flash media, hardware and software to deliver memory-class performance with storage-class capacity and persistence. HGST’s FlashMAX® II SCM devices and associated software deliver performance without compromise, along with HDD-like capacity in a very compact, universal form factor. Unlike competing solutions, 100% of the capacity available on a FlashMAX II card is available as a single host volume on the server without having to leverage 3rd party software RAID products to stripe across multiple drives. With FlashMAX II you can have a single volume presented to the operating system up to the formatted capacity, which can be as large as 4.8TB when using the FlashMAX II Capacity model.

    Model # / Part #
    • VIR-HW-M2-LP-550-1B / 0T00809
    • VIR-HW-M2-LP-1100-1B / 0T00817
    • VIR-HW-M2-LP-1100-2B / 0T0081B
    • VIR-HW-M2-LP-2200-2B / 0T00803
    • VIR-HW-M2-LP-4800-2B / 0T00819
    Interface PCIe 2.0 (x8)
    Form factor Half-Height, Half-Length (HH-HL) add-in card
    Flash memory technology Multi Level Cell (MLC)
    Capacities (GB2) 550 550 550, 1100
    Read throughput (max MB/s, sequential 64K) 1,600 2,700 2,600
    Write throughput (max MB/s, sequential 64K) 550 1,000 900
    Read throughput (max MB/s, sequential 64K) 1,600 2,700 2,600
    Read IOPS (max IOPS, random 4K) 174,000 343,000 269,000
    Write IOPS (max IOPS, random 4K) 27,000 57,000 51,000
    Peak write IOPS (max IOPS, random 4k) 109,000 243,000 213,000
    Mixed IOPS (70/30 R/W, random 4k) 72,000 154,000 128,000
    Peak mixed IOPS (70/30 R/W, random 4k) 161,000 314,000 264,000
    Read IOPS (max IOPS, random 8k) 125,000 247,000 214,000
    Write IOPS (max IOPS, random 8k) 13,000 28,000 27,000
    Latency 512B (µs) 21 20 19
    Random 3 DW/D 3 DW/D 1.3 DW/D
    Warranty 3 years 3 years 5 years
    Dimensions, without bracket (mm) 167.54 x 68.91 x 18.39
    Weight (g) 141.75 198.45 198.45
    Power consumption (max) 25 Watts
    Operating temperature 0° to 45°C
    Non-operating temperature -40° to 70°C
    JEDEC compliance 3-month retention at 40°C at EOL
    Operating Systems
    Linux RHEL 5/6, SLES 10/11, CentOS 5/6, Oracle EL 5/6, Debian 4/5/6, Ubuntu 8/9/10/11/12, Fedora Core 12-18, Open SUSE 11, 12
    Windows 64-Bit Microsoft Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 2K-8 R2, Hyper-V core server, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 2012 Hyper-V core server
    VMware ESXi 5.X
    HGST Device Manager (HDM)CLI and GUI interface

    1 All performance measurements are in full sustained mode except where noted as “Peak.”

    2 One gigabyte (GB) is equal to one billion bytes, one terabyte (TB) is equal to 1,000GB (one trillion bytes), and one petabyte (PB) is equal to 1,000TB (one quadrillion bytes) when referring to solid-state drive or hard drive capacity. Accessible capacity will vary from the stated capacity due to formatting and partitioning of the drive, the computer’s operating system, and other factors.