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Hewlett Packard Enterprise
MSL4048 1 Ultrium 920 Drive Tape Library

Hewlett Packard Enterprise MSL4048 1 Ultrium 920Drive Tape Library

One LTO-3 Ultrium 920 SCSI drive, 48 slot tape library including remote management, removable magazines and bar code reader; rack-ready
Varenr: AH171A
Lagerstatus: Forventet 29.03.2017
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121 665,-  inkl. mva

Automate your backup with a tape library that provides up to 153.6TB of compressed capacity, tool-free performance upgrades, easy-to-use remote management and a broad range of LTO Ultrium tape drives.

Viktige salgsargumenter og fordeler
  • Impressive footprint and density: The HP StorageWorks MSL Tape Libraries give you an amazing amount of storage with capacity up to 153.6 TB of compressed capacity (2:1) in an 8U form factor without consuming valuable rack-space.
  • Manageability from any location: MSL Tape Libraries allow you to manage, configure and use the library from across the room or across the globe with the HP unique web-based remote management and diagnostics.
  • Media is easily managed: MSL Tape Libraries easily manage your media both in or out of the tape library with a standard bar code reader and multiple 12-slot removable magazines.
  • Encrypt your business data: Native encryption on LTO-4 MSL Libraries provides the highest level of security for strong backup data privacy to secure confidential information and address compliance regulations. The LTO-4 Encryption Kit will provide secure keys to protect your backup independent of ISV support.
  • Investment protection: MSL Tape Libraries easily increase capacity and performance with tool-free drive kits or slot license upgrades. Leverage the investment in an MSL2024, 4048, 8048, or 8096 Tape Library by adding a second library to manage as a single, larger library using the MSL Library Extender.
  • Multiple interfaces choices available: MSL Tape Libraries offer various interface options for installing the tape library into a SCSI, SAS or SAN environment.
  • Extensive compatibility testing: MSL Tape Libraries work with industry-leading servers, operating systems and backup software including HP Data Protector software. (
  • Highly available: You can add the optional second power supply for increased system reliability and up-time on the MSL4048 Tape Library or MSL8096 Tape Library
Egenskaper og fordeler
  • High capacity in a compact 4U form factor: Provides an amazing amount of backup and recovery storage without consuming valuable rack space; 76.8TB of compressed storage capacity (2:1) with LTO-4 Ultrium
  • Web-based remote management: Allows a remote administrator to control and troubleshoot the device, thus relieving the customer of requiring onsite IT resources; Ideal for customers in medium/large businesses that deploy multiple replicated systems
  • Standard library features such as removable magazines & barcode reader: Provides faster inventory times and facilitates tracking of media; Offers bulk loading of media as well as providing for bulk storage of media off-site
Inkludert i leveransen
    MSL4048 Tape Library with one LTO-3 Ultrium 920 SCSI drive and (1) 1.83M US Power Cord, C13, 10A, (1) 2.5M PDU Power Cord, C13/C14, 10A, (1) 6 ft VHDCI to HDTS68 SCSI cable per tape drive, (1) HDTS68 SCSI terminator per SCSI tape drive, (1) RJ-45 Ethernet cable, Rack mount hardware, HP Data Protector Express Basic backup and recovery software for Windows/Linux/NetWare, Getting Started Poster
Hewlett Packard Enterprise LTO-3 Ultrium 800 GB
Hewlett Packard Enterprise LTO-3 Ultrium 800 GB
HP Ultrium 800GB RW datakassett
Hewlett Packard Enterprise StorageWorks MSL4048 Ultrium nedre,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise StorageWorks MSL4048 Ultrium nedre,
3 256,-
Hewlett Packard Enterprise LTO-3 Ultrium 800 GB
Hewlett Packard Enterprise LTO-3 Ultrium 800 GB
HP Ultrium-medier
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Ultrium 800 GB uten
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Ultrium 800 GB uten
HP Ultrium 800 GB standardmerket medium har en unik, forhåndssekvensert enkel strekkode.
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