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Broadcom NetXtreme

DELL Broadcom NetXtreme


Dell Broadcom NetXtreme II 5709 Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet NIC PCIe x4 with TOE - Kit (540-10533)

The Broadcom 5709 Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet PCI-Express Network Interface Card from Dell™ is ideal for connecting your desktop or server to your network. Its TOE (TCP Offline Engine) Support and Wake On LAN enables you to maximize management resources. The card also features iSCSI offload accelerator and iSCSI Firmware Boot. It also offers Four x8 PCIe mezz cards. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

  • PowerEdge 1900 FS / 1950 FS / 2900 FS / 2950 FS / 2970 FS / 6950 FS / R210 FS / R300 Rack / R310 FS / R410 / R510 FS / R610 FS / R710 Rack / R715 / R805 FS / R815 FS / R900 FS / R905 FS / R910 FS / T105 FS / T110 FS / T300 FS / T410 / T605 FS / T610 FS / T710 FS
  • PowerVault PV NF/DP100 FS / PV NF/DP600 FS