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HF-DC1 Ekstra blits til Canon Digitalkamera

CANON HF-DC1 Ekstra blits tilCanon Digitalkamera


  • Lightweight and compact slave-type flash
  • Strong light output - guide number 18
  • Auto/Manual switch
  • 3-level selectable flash power

An auxiliary flash for shooting distant photographic subjects or large groups where the cameras inbuilt flash is unable to adequately light the subject/s. The HF-DC1 fires in synchronisation with the main flash of the digital camera, ignoring the cameras pre-flash.

Model :


Slave Flash

Guide number (max.) :


18 (ISO 100.m)

Compatible models :


Cameras that synchronize the flash with the camera shutter release and meet the flash output conditions below;

Flash conditions :


Only one pre-flash is used before the main flash, and the time from the pre-flash to the main flash is less than 150 ms

Illumination :


28 mm (35mm film equivalent)

  75° illumination angle:

Flash control system :


Automatic control by flash control sensor

Flash modes :


Auto: Flash is fired in synch with the main flash of the camera

  Manual: Flash is fired in synch with the main flash of the camera only while the pilot lamp is held down

Flash power selector :



Power supply :


Lithium battery CR123A/DL123 (× 1)

Number of flashes (battery lifespan) :


250 times minimum (full flash)

Operating environment :


0 to 40°C

Package Inclusions:


High-Power Flash HF-DC1, Bracket, Fastening Screws (2 pieces), Soft Case, Lithium battery 3V CR123A, User Guide

Size :


46.0 × 66.0 × 29.7 mm (1.81 × 2.60 × 1.17 in.) (excluding protruding parts)

Weight :


Approx. 65 g (2.3 oz)

  Bracket Specifications :

Size :


105.0 × 22.0 × 17.0 mm (4.13 × 0.87 × 0.67 in.) (maximum size)

Weight :


Approx. 31g (1.1 oz)