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Drucker P-Touch E100

BROTHER Drucker P-Touch E100


The PT-E100 is so easy to use, practically anyone can make professional-quality cable wrap, cable flag, faceplate, and serialized labels in seconds.

With the PT-E100, you don’t need to master any complex commands. You don’t need to remember to press this key and that key while you hold down another key to get to the right format - clearly marked application buttons make it simple to choose the type of label you need.

Pick the label type you want. Then just type your content. Print your label. And cut it using the built-in manual cutter.
This is the labeler you’ve been waiting for. Fast, easy, and affordable, too.

Durable, laminated easy-peel labels on easy-swap tape cassettes

The laminated labels the PT-E100 produces are tough, durable and stay affixed and clearly readable for years - indoors or outdoors. With their split-back construction, they are also easy to peel and apply.

Easy-swap tapes cartridges allow you to change label colors, sizes and adhesive types in seconds. Tapes are available in a wide range of colors and sizes - from 6mm to 12mm. Adhesive types include:

Flexible ID Laminated Tape –
for wrapping and flagging wires and cables
Extra-Strength Adhesive Laminated Tape –
for rough, and textured surfaces
Standard Adhesive Laminated Tape –
for flat, smooth surfaces

There’s a tape type for almost any labeling challenge.

BROTHER TZe-S231 P-Touch 12mm tape
BROTHER TZe-S231 P-Touch 12mm tape
Opptil 50 % sterkere heftmiddel enn laminert standardtape. Bruksområder: Ujevne, ru og strukturerte overflater, Malt metall, Pulverdekkede overflater, Pluggbord, Verktøyskap, Vedlikehold og reparasjon på fabrikkanlegg, Instrumenter, Sikkerhetsetiketter