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iPod™ Audio Kit

Part # F8Z907ea

The Belkin iPodT Car & Home Audio Kit includes an Mobile Power Cord for iPod, a Mobile Cassette Adapter, TuneDok In-Car Holder for iPod, Speaker and Headphone Splitter and a Gold Y Audio Cable, 7 ft./2.1 meter. The Mobile Power Cord charges your iPodT from your car's cigarette lighter. The Mobile Cassette Adapter from Belkin easily connects your iPodT device, portable MP3, CD, cassette player, PC, or laptop to your car stereo, through your car's in-dash cassette player. Speaker and Headphone Splitter connects two stereo headphones or speakers to your iPod or other portable MP3, DVD, or CD player. The Gold 3.5 mm speaker cable connects your iPodT to an external multimedia speaker system, stereo device or other devices with standard RCA stereo connectors.

Advantages :
• MOBILE POWER CORD : The Mobile Power Cord connects your iPod player to your car's power source and provides unlimited play and standby time
• MOBILE CASSETTE ADAPTER : Fits front- and side-loading cassette players Allows easy placement of your audio player with 10 cm cable
• TUNEDOK IN-CAR HOLDER FOR iPOD : The Belkin TuneDok makes it easy to take along your iPod and play tunes in your car. TuneDok provides security and stability, along with flexible construction for a perfect fit in your car's cup-holder console.
• SPEAKER AND HEADSET SPLITTER : Connect two stereo headphones or speakers to your iPod or other portable MP3, DVD, or CD player.
• Y AUDIO CABLE 7 ft./2.1 meter : Connect your iPodT to your home-stereo components. This Y Audio Cable allows you to connect your iPodT to your home stereo or portable speakers.

UPC: 722868562659