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Standventilator Breeze USB blue extern retail

ARCTIC COOLING Standventilator Breeze USB blueextern retail


    Breeze Color

    USB Desktop Fan

    Choose your Color
    Bring more color on your desktop - there is something for everyone with ARCTIC Breeze Color Edition. Purple, blue, red, silver, black or white, with this USB fan every room gets the extra color kick. ARCTIC Breeze gives you a refreshing breeze in the hot days wherever you go.

    Enjoy It Wherever You Want
    Its 1.8 m cable ensures it can be placed wherever you want. The ARCTIC Breeze will always be a stylish and handy gadget on the desk to cool you down a bit.

    Flexible Neck
    You may bend or turn its neck into any position or angle you desire to enjoy a refreshing breeze exactly the way you want.

    Adjustable Fan Speed
    You can adjust the fan speed with the knob on its base. It works with any USB port of your computer or power adapter.

    Robust Steel Base
    A heavy steel plate guarantees the ARCTIC Breeze standing stable anywhere. With the anti-slip rubber pads the Breeze does not leave any marks, even on the most delicate surfaces.


    Size & Weight
    92 mm
    Fan Speed:
    800 - 1,800 RPM
    Voltage / Current:
    5V / 0.2A
    Power Cable:
    Ÿ1.8m USB power cable

    Shipping Information
    Item Number:
    Black: ABACO-BRZBK01-BL
    White: ABACO-BRZWH01-BL
    Purple: ABACO-BRZPP01-BL
    Blue: ABACO-BRZBL01-BL
    Silver: ABACO-BZP0301-BL

    Black: 87276700717-8
    White: 87276700718-5
    Purple: 87276700720-8
    Blue: 87276700721-5
    Silver: 87276700575-4