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Memory 256MB SDRAM PC-133 Original 168Pin

APACER Memory 256MB SDRAM PC-133Original 168Pin


SDRAM - PC133 Unbuffered DIMM

Short for Synchronous DRAM, a type of DRAM that can run at much higher clock speeds than conventional memory. SDRAM actually synchronizes itself with the CPU''s bus and is capable of running at 133 MHz, about three times faster than conventional FPM RAM, and about twice as fast EDO DRAM and BEDO DRAM. SDRAM is replacing EDO DRAM in many newer computers

The Module is SDRAM PC133 CL2/3 Unbuffered Memory module. The Module density from 64MB to 512MB, it consists 8/16/32MX8 bit SDRAM 133 Synchronous DRAMs in TSOP II packages, Memory Module intented for mounting into 168-pin edge connector sockets. The electrical and mechanical specifications are as follows

  • JEDEC Standard
  • SDRAM Speed Grade : 133Mbps
  • Unbuffered DIMM : 168-pin
  • Memory Organization : x8 TSOP II DRAM chip
  • SDRAM interface : SSTL_3
  • CAS latency : 2-3-3
  • Bandwidth : 1060MB/s
  • VDD voltage : 3.3+-0.3V
  • VDDQ voltage : 3.3+-0.3V
  • Serial presence detect with EEPROM
  • PCB height : 1.25 inch
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Application : Desktop