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EasyPort IV Docking med 90W Adapter

ACER EasyPort IV Docking med90W Adapter


EasyPort IV - with 90W AC adapter and CE power cord 220V ACER EasyPort IV Docking with 90W Adapter WITH EU Power Cord (AS2930, AS4930, AS4930G, AS5530, AS5530G, AS5930, AS5930G, AS6530, AS6530G, AS6930, AS6930G, AS7230, AS7235, AS7530, AS7530G, AS7535, AS7535G, AS7730, AS7730G, AS7730ZG, TM4730, TM4730G, TM5530, TM5530G, TM5730, TM5730G, TM7230, TM7530, TM7530G, TM7730, TM7730G, TM8371, TM8471, TM8571)
Part NumberLC.D0100.017
EasyPort IV

Acer EasyPort IV is the perfect cable management solution for your Acer Notebook.
As a perfect desk companion, it frees you from the hasstle of connecting all types of cables to your notebook, replacing it with one single cable.
Thanks to the Plug&Play feature you can instantly enjoy the advantages of the Acer EasyPort IV: one connection to all your desk equipment, without having to reboot your notebook.