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512MB PC-266 DDR Original PC2100

APACER 512MB PC-266 DDR OriginalPC2100

Varenr: 512MB PC-266
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  • 2.5 Volts operation
  • CAS Latencies: 3, 4 ,5
DDR memory offers twice the data bandwidth of conventional PC100 or PC133 SDRAM, and is particularly well suited for high-performance servers and workstations, which need optimal CPU-memory performance. Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM is precisely what the name implies. A clock cycle can be represented as a square wave, with the rising edge defined as the transition from "0" to "1", and the falling edge as "1" to "0". In SDRAM, only one of these wave edges is used, but DDR SDRAM references both, effectively doubling the rate of data transmission

  • 2.5Volts operation, reducing power consumption by about 50%.
  • Memory signal termination inside the memory chip ("On-Die Termination") to prevent reflected signal transmission errors.
  • Operational enhancements to increase memory performance, efficiency and timing margins
  • CAS Latencies: 3, 4.,5
Model Capacity Description Data Rate Voltage CL Pin
PC3200 128MB-2GB ECC 400MHz 2.6V CL3 184pin
ECC Registered
PC2700 128MB-2GB ECC 333MHz 2.5V CL2.5 184pin
ECC Registered
PC2100 128MB-2GB ECC 266MHz 2.5V CL2 184pin
ECC Registered